This website shows you some images you probably could find interesting.

Everybody knows , a picture is worth a thousand words.

You might ask yourself if these things do look natural.

If you like to look around in your own environment , who knows what you might discover.

Maybe something good will come from it...

Greetings , The Boiled Frog Prince

P.S.: The photos are not modified in any way , except the size.

Above the Roofs:

Small images:

>Above The Rooftops 1 >Above The Rooftops 2 >Above The Rooftops 3 >Above The Rooftops 4 >Above The Rooftops 5 >Above The Rooftops 6

Medium images:

>As Above, So Below >Anni Domini 2017/2018 >Business as Usual >One Hour in the Life of a Seagull >Above The Rooftops 7 >Above The Rooftops 8 >Above The Rooftops 9 >Above The Rooftops 10 >Above The Rooftops 11 >Above The Rooftops 12 >Above The Rooftops 14 >Above The Rooftops 15 >Above The Rooftops 16 >Above The Rooftops 17 >Different Specialties

Large images:

>Changing skies >Easter Sunday Morning >The Same Procedure As Every Day, Miss Sophie? >The Same Procedure As Every Day, James >Heaven or Hell? >Lights from satellites

Below the Roofs:

> >Particles in air >Particles on lawn >Unidentified rainbow-coloured filament >Unidentified rainbow-coloured filament 2 >Unidentified particles from rain 4 >Metallic particles and insects >Dirt Track

Under the Skin:

>Hair and jelly from human skin >Hair and jelly from human skin 2 >Human hair >Human skin 1 >Human skin 2 >Royal Jelly >Human skin 3 >Human hair and skin with jelly-like material >Human hair and jelly-like substance >Hair, skin and Royal Jelly >Human hair and more Royal Jelly >Hair under variant light >Burnt jelly grown from human skin >Bird and branches

>Brainwash Area

>Wallpapers for Dogs


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